What are the school colors?

  • The school colors are blue and white. Every Friday is Spirit Day.During football season we encourage students and staff to wear their favorite football team’s colors. All other Fridays students and staff are encouraged to wear blue and white.

Does Milbrook Elementary School have a school mascot?

  • Yes!  Our school mascot is a mustang. 

What are the school’s hours?

  • Students enter the building between 8:50 and 8:55 am.  At 9:05 a.m., instruction begins.  Students are dismissed at 3:50 p.m.

What if my child is late for school?

  • Parents are responsible for accompanying their child to the front office to obtain a late pass when a child arrives at school after 9:05.

What do I do if my child has an early dismissal?

  • Please send a note to school if your child needs to leave early.  Parents/guardians must come directly to the school office to sign out their child.  The child will be called to the office when the parent/guardian arrives.

What if something comes up and there is a change in my child’s dismissal routine?

  • If there is to be a change in the way your child travels home from school, please send in a note that morning to inform the school of the change.  E-mails are not acceptable notifications of a change.  If a change of dismissal is needed during the middle of the day, please call the office. 

If my child is absent, what do I do? 

  • Please send in a written note to your child’s homeroom teacher on the day that your child returns to school.  If you would like to request missing work, you can contact your child’s teacher via e-mail at the beginning of the day and they will send the work to the front office at the end of the day.  Teachers are not required to give missing work to a student prior to his/her being absent. 

How much does a school breakfast and/or lunch cost? 

  • All students at Milbrook Elementary School have the option of receiving free breakfast on a daily basis.(Breakfast is not provided on half days). Lunch will be $2.90 at elementary schools; reduced-price lunch will be $0.40.

How do I know what is being served for lunch every day?

How do I reach the nurse? 

  • Our school nurse, Ms. Levy, can be reached at 443-809-6038.

Can I volunteer in my child’s classroom?

  • We have numerous volunteer opportunities here at Milbrook Elementary School.  In order to volunteer or chaperone a field trip, you must complete a volunteer training.  Contact Mrs. Raivel for help completing the volunteer training.

Does Milbrook Elementary School provide before or after school care?

  • Although Milbrook Elementary School does not provide before or after school care, ROCK utilizes space in our building to provide support to working parents both before and after school. Mr. Kelvin Thomas can be contacted at 1-844-653-1906 or at www.rockprogram.org

Where can I get answers to questions regarding the BCPS school system? 

Will my child get a school picture and how do I pay for it?

  • Individual school portraits are typically taken in the fall and the spring.  A notice and order forms are sent home prior to each Picture Day.  There are instructions on the order form as to how to pay for the pictures and the amount for each “picture package”.

What will my child learn this year?