Parent Service Coordinator Updates

Hello Milbrook Parents,

My name is Zakia Posey and I am your new Parent Service Coordinator.  On my first day at Milbrook, I was delighted to see that our Sneak-a-Peak night was so well attended!  Children perform better academically when their parents and the school have a strong partnership.  The standing room showing at our first event illustrated that we are off to a great start!  My aims this year are to increase parental involvement, to assist parents in helping our students reach their academic goals, and to help parents access needed community resources. We have many useful and exciting events planned for you this year.  Please keep your eye on our school website and like us on Facebook and Twitter so that you can be informed of upcoming events  and parent resources.  I look forward to a productive year where we can work together to create a deeply integrated community.  My office is always open, feel free to stop by if you are in need of assistance.  I can also be reached by email at .


Zakia Posey

Parent Service Coordinator